I'm Alexis. Stripe obsessed CEO of Stripe and Petal. We're so glad you're here!

I’ve spent my career working as a magazine editor, stylist and designer and want to shout out to the world that color, pattern and style can be woven into any wardrobe with accessories.

Pink jewelry from stripeandpetal.com

Stripe & Petal adores (and sells) jewelry 
to wear proudly as you slay it at school/work/home/everywhere.

Gold Jewelry from Stripe & Petal

We believe that costume jewelry is the greatest wardrobe invention of all time. It's fun to wear, not too precious and adds a bit of sparkle/color/style to your daily wardrobe.

Jewelry from stripeandpetal.com

Jewelry makes you look polished with little to no effort. Your favorite white shirt or tee can be worn a gazillion different ways when you pair it with different necklaces, bracelets and earrings. 
So look around, find a fun treasure (or twenty), and come back often. 
Chief Stripe Lover, Necklace Hoarder & CEO of Stripe and Petal

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P.S. 2% of every sale is donated to She's the First, a charity that helps girls around the world get an education. Just another reason to buy from us and jam-pack your cart with jewelry. Later alligator.
Stripe & Petal gives back through She's the First